Premium : MH-12SUS (MH-124S Premium)

​The “Jewel in the Crown” – the “premium” highest-grade model, acknowledged as delivering the most trusted performance


  • In pursuit of the ultimate tone arm for further enhanced performance, we have introduced features that take you beyond the S model, as follows:
  • With the addition of carbon fibre to the arm pipe, even more powerful vibration prevention measures are applied
  • Furthermore, the arm pipe uses a thin silver wire of low resistance, and silk roll is used for the coating of the flow line, ultimately damping it with vibration proof materials
  • Around the weight, a quadruple damper system using different materials has been adopted, and vibration absorption is achieved over a wide range.


 MODEL  MH-12SUS(MH-124S Premium)
Balancing  Static Balancing  
Total Length (*1)  330mm 
Effective Length (*2)  305mm 
Practical Length (*3)  290mm
Offset Angle 20 °
Adaptable cartridge weight(incl headshell)  12~36g
Total weight 1.12kg
Overhung 15mm
Tracking weight range 0.5g (Minimum scale) – over 10g (5g/360 °rotation)
Adjustable height (*4) 41~70mm
Headshell weight 12g (Incl.screws and lead wires)
Shaft dimensions to mounting base 16mmΦ
Mounting hole size 30mmΦ
Fixing depth size Up to 20mmt (Another size is available)

(*1) : From counter weight shaft end headshell terminal.
(*2) : From centre of tonearm Base to stylus tip.
(*3) : From centre of tonearm Base to centre of turntable)
(*4) : From plinth surface to horizontal height of arm tube