MH-9B, 10B

Standard grade model. Cost reduction has been achieved through the technical capabilities of an engineer familiar with the characteristics of different materials.


  • The arm pipe and vertical shaft parts (which greatly influence sound quality) are made from stainless steel.
  • Along the main conduction tube we have reproduced a material close to stainless steel supplement, using brass with a tough chrome plating
  • The fulcrum is strongly supported with radial bearings
  • The inside force canceler, Arm Resting Device and Arm Lifting Device are insulated with ABS resin, and reduces reverberation distortion



Balancing  Static Balancing  
Total Length (*1)  252mm  290mm 
Effective Length (*2)  229mm  254mm 
Practical Length (*3)  214mm 239mm
Offset Angle 23 ° 22 °
Adaptable cartridge weight(incl headshell) 11~28g  11~29g
Total weight 690g 710g
Overhung 15mm 15mm
Tracking weight range 0.25g (Minimum scale) – over 6g (3g/360 °rotation)
Adjustable height (*4) 41mm~
Headshell weight option
Shaft dimensions to mounting base 16mmΦ
Mounting hole size 24mmΦ
Fixing depth size Up to 29mmt (Another size is available)

(*1) : From counter weight shaft end headshell terminal.
(*2) : From centre of tonearm Base to stylus tip.
(*3) : From centre of tonearm Base to centre of turntable)
(*4) : From plinth surface to horizontal height of arm tube