MH-94S, 104S, 124S *end of sale

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The ultimate tonearm that demonstrates the true value of analogue audio


  • Cartridges can be plugged in, which allows various cartridges to be utilised.
  • To eliminate reverberating sound, we do not use springs. (Springs create an echo).
  • We have blocked out reverberating sound with a powerful vibration absorbing structure inside the arm pipe and other structures.
  • Various parts are connected across the surface, not just at points. The four fulcrums that support the sound quality are supported by four large bearings. In particular, the lower bearing in the direction of the vertical axis utilises high precision thrust bearings; it has a strut structure that allows heavy arms to move with high sensitivity.
  • Inside force canceller is detachable
  • The headshell structure is integrated with the plug section, enabling the sound to rise well, resulting in crisp sound quality.
  • There are several layers of vibration absorbing structure around the weight, delivering a clear, deep sound quality with little lingering sound.


 MODEL MH-94S  MH-104S  MH-124S
Balancing  Static Balancing  
Total Length (*1)  252mm 290mm  340mm 
Effective Length (*2)  229mm 254mm  305mm 
Practical Length (*3)  214mm 239mm 290mm
Offset Angle 23 ° 22 ° 20 °
Adaptable cartridge weight(incl headshell) 15~36g(44g*5) 16~45g  14~38g(45g*5)
Total weight 1.02kg 1.05kg 1.11kg
Overhung 15mm
Tracking weight range 0.25g (Minimum scale) – over 6g (3g/360 °rotation)
Adjustable height (*4) 41~70mm
Headshell weight 12g (Incl.screws and lead wires)
Shaft dimensions to mounting base 16mmΦ
Mounting hole size 30mmΦ
Fixing depth size Up to 20mmt (Another size is available)

(*1) : From counter weight shaft end headshell terminal.
(*2) : From centre of tonearm Base to stylus tip.
(*3) : From centre of tonearm Base to centre of turntable)
(*4) : From plinth surface to horizontal height of arm tube
(*5) : Measurement calculated after moving the weight 10mm down from the weight axis.