• The material of the main body is made of hard stainless steel. The process of scraping has been extremely difficult, but as a result, but we are proud to say that the sound quality has reached an unparalleled level. If the fulcrum, which is essential for sound quality, is a weak structure, it will reverberate and directly impact the overall sound quality. In this machine, the four large bearings are firmly supported, preventing resonance and shake, and enhancing tracing ability.
    In particular, the lower bearing in the vertical axis uses a high-precision thrust bearing, giving a strut structure which allows heavy arms to move with high sensitivity, greatly enhancing the tracing capability.

    S Model

    S Premium 


  • The arm pipe is very sensitive to the sound quality.
    Special features of the S model
    The arm pipe is very sensitive to the sound quality. The inner surface of the arm is vibration-proof due to a high-grade poly fibre lining.

Special features of the S Premium model
At the most important section of the arm pipe with regards to impact on sound quality, vibration is controlled firstly with a layer of carbon fibre on the inside of the arm, followed by a layer of  high-grade poly fibre on the inside of that, as with the S type. Next, the wire that transmits the electric signal is wrapped in silk thread using low resistance silver wire, and around all of this is the poly fibre, doubly ensuring that it is vibration-proof.

  • The points where each part joins another are designed to be in tight surface contact to avoid using adhesive as much as possible. In particular, the assembly of the bearings requires meticulous sensitivity.


  • We took pains to ensure that the curvature of the arm did not exert any additional force.  This is easier to understand if you imagine how an extra twisting force is applied by your hand when you manipulate an L-shaped rod rather than a straight one. On top of that, we placed “vibration absorbing structures” in the most suitable place, thereby effectively damping the resonance.


  • For the weight section
    S Model
    S model uses a fourfold damper structure to take into account the broadband frequency.
    For the weight section we use different damper materials in (1), (2), (3) and (4), and these are constructed to absorb vibration over a wide area. The rubber material in (1) is firmly held in place by long screws, thus eliminating anxiety that it will become slack as it ages.

S Premium
Weight Assembly implements several different damping materials, and the structure is capable of absorbing the vibration over a wide range of frequencies. Rubber Material (1) is firmly supported using a long screw, and the concern of hanging down from aging has been eliminated. In the main weight, heavy tungsten is buried in the stainless steel material for a closer center of gravity toward the pivot point, and the tungsten is adhered using a rubber material to ensure vibration-proof performance as well.

  • By making the headshell into a single structure through the scraping process, we were able to greatly reduce vibration loss. Moreover, by trimming away unnecessary material as much as possible, we have devised a weight reduction similar to that of aluminium (although the material is actually stainless steel), resulting in an extremely light structure that can firmly support the entire cartridge. Rubber in the S Model and carbon in the S Premium Model both absorb unnecessary signals in the upper part of the structure.
    Because this slim design (just 10 mm in width, that can be supported near the very centre of the cartridge), can be connected directly to the centre point, the vibration loss is reduced and the sound quality is further improved.

  • Based on the motto “Simple is best”, the structure is such that removal of the inside force canceller, the arm rest, and the arm lifter, for example, can be easily done. (The picture on the bottom right shows the tonearm with the inside force canceller, arm rest, and arm lifter removed.)Please remove the four counter-sunk screws (labelled M2) and try it out. You will hear a clearer sound quality!

S Model

S Premium

  • When the arm rest and arm lifter are removed, we can offer an optional arm rest receiver and arm lifter as a separate purchase. Because the mounted arm rest receiver is heavy, it is stable as it is; however, It is more secure to determine its position and secure it with double-sided tape. Generally speaking, when the tonearm has no extra attachments, sound distortion is reduced.

  • The mounting section for the output cord under the fulcrum has an extremely simple structure. You can attach this section to a variety of record players without using the supplied base, as long as you make a base that fits with the player at screw M8, where the lead wires pass through the core.