■Clearaudio Ovation with GLANZ MH-94S

■Panasonic SH10B3 (SP-10mk3) with MH-104S

■Final audio with MH-104S + Plate

■Transrotor TOURBILLION with MH-94s & MH-124SD + Plate(MH-124STOB)

■Transrotor ZET3 with MH-124SD + Plate(MH-124SZET3)

■Transrotor ZET3 with MH-94S

■Stella Air Force One with MH-124S

■Immedia Revolution with RPM tonearm (MH-124S)

■place type

■DENON with MH-104S

■Transrotor with MH-124S

■Stella Air Force One with MH-104S、後部アダプターでMH-124S

■Victor with MH-104S

■Panasonic SP10 with MH-104S

■Michell Engineering GyroDec with MH-94S

■NOAH / Dr. Feickrt AnalogueのWoodpecker with MH-104S(MH-124S)

■Panasonic SP-10  MH-124S  MH-104S with MH-B304SL of optional base

■MICRO DQX-1000 with MH-104S & 124S

■MICRO BL-91 with MH-104S + Plate

■ortofon with MH-104S or 124S